This business is growing at the speed of sound


Two years ago, Mojalefa Mashokwe resigned from his job and decided to open his own sound engineering business RF Junky. And in that brief time, he has gone from an unemployed, cash-strapped young man with a dream to a business owner with an impressive client list.

“It all started in church when I volunteered as a sound technician during services. I was curious about the technology used. I secretly researched better options and how I could improve the quality. The curiosity became a passion and after school I studied sound engineering because I knew this was what I wanted to do.”

This curiosity paid off and last year Mojalefa was the RF Co-ordinator at the prestigious Global Citizen concert in Johannesburg which featured artists like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Ed Sheeran and Cassper Nyovest. He also assisted with the technical sound monitoring and evaluation of the sound mix environment for The Voice South African season 1 and 2. So how did a start-up land such lucrative contracts?

“Consistency, honesty, constant learning and hard work,” said Mojalefa. “The tech space in which RF Junky operates is constantly improving. I must keep up with the latest technology in order to give my clients the best service possible. I always aim high. For example, when I worked at the Global Citizen concert I knew I had to bring my A game because if I got it wrong, the whole world would know I got it wrong. The converse is true, too.”

“When I sit back and look at the bigger picture, I am grateful; grateful to be able to do what I love. And when I am under pressure I remind myself of why I do what I do and it calms me down. There was a time during the Global Citizen concert when I was frustrated and overwhelmed. I just sat on the stage at 4am and looked at the other technicians and engineers working on the stage with me. I realised how working hard at my passion helped me work with the best in the industry. That perspective encouraged me.”

At this stage RF Junky’s is just two men – Mojalefa and his hard-working trainee. The two of them complete the technical tasks needed for big productions like The Voice and Global Citizen. The other people Mojalefa lists as contributors to his success were his mother and Adriaan Van Der Walt, one of the directors of RF Junky.

In May 2018, Mojalefa was accepted into the SAB Foundation Tholoana Programme. The SAB Foundation invests in entrepreneurs like him who show the passion and commitment to growing the South African economy.

And now RF Junky is reaping the benefits. Mojalefa is applying  what he learnt on the programme and says that his business has since experienced tremendous growth. He has also partnered with other businesses on the programme to extend his reach and because of his stellar reputation, he is also being approached by others to execute more technical projects.

For Mojalefa, running his own business is extremely rewarding and pushes him to be innovative: “When something inspires me, I am inspired to do new things. I get to experiment and think of ways to improve my clients’ wireless experience.”

It is this attention to detail, willingness to learn and his desire to constantly improve the service he provides to clients that seems to be at the heart of this start-up, which is growing at the speed of sound.

RF Junky provides the following services: RF coordination at events and installations for wireless microphones, multi-channel wireless microphones or in-ear monitor systems design and setup, RF spectrum planning for events or at conference venues, RF spectrum monitoring during events, technical support at venues and support for live performing artists and tours. RF Junky also makes premium cable leads that are used for professional wireless audio antenna systems.

RF Junky is at C141 Laborie Village, Menton Road, Auckland Park. For more information, email, visit the website, or their social media pages: LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. Alternatively, you can give them a call on 082 8990 330.