Vensy E-Mall: a new shopping experience for Africa


Young entrepreneurs, Evans Parson and Mdudzi Mohlodi, are taking the online trading, or shopping, movement by storm.

In September they launched Vensy E-Mall, their open service
e-infrastructure platform which is a first-of-its-kind online shopping mall in Africa.

Evans Parson, Vensy E-Mall’s founder and CEO said: “Our product is more than an e-commerce platform; it will solve issues faced by traditional commerce through improved supply chain and distribution processes, payment access to start-up businesses and entrepreneurs, offer a digital marketing experience through augmented reality, as well as well-developed warehousing and storage facilities – all online.

“With all processes related to the trading of goods and services encapsulated on one platform, we believe Vensy E-Mall has the potential to solve a myriad barriers faced by small businesses when doing business.”

With the SMME sector as its primary target audience, Vensy E-Mall will make it possible for small businesses in various sectors – retail, wholesale, distribution, amongst others – to trade, buy, sell, and promote their goods and services online to Vensy E-Mall’s extensive customer base.

“Entrepreneurship is regarded by government, economists, and the private sector as the vehicle which will trigger the economic transformation which our country so desperately needs,” said Mduduzi Mohlodi, CFO of Vensy

“But to be successful, and to truly make a meaningful impact, entrepreneurs require access to markets to grow and develop sustainable organisations.  We are confident that Vensy E-Mall will have a significant positive impact on the way in which small businesses and entrepreneurs will do business,” he concluded.

The online shopping mall will be available for download via mobile and desktop applications on the Google Play Store for Android and Apple IOS.

“We encourage small business to download the app and register as vendors today.  Our platform will facilitate the promotion of their products and services to an extensive target audience, not only in South Africa, but elsewhere in Africa, too”, said Evans.

“In line with the global trend of moving away from physical stores, our vendors will have the benefit of being open for business 24/7.  There are also cost-saving implications with managing inventory online since a number of the functions are automated; there are numerous benefits for vendors!” he said.

Mduduzi started his career as a flight attendant. This prompted him to start his own import-export business, Banalo Trading Enterprise. Evans is a journalist and has 10 years’ experience in the ICT sector. In 2016 he was acknowledged by Absa as the most-promising IT tech entrepreneur. They aim to develop Vensy E-Mall into a vehicle that will connect entrepreneurs and start-ups with the rest of the world.

More information about Vensy E-Mall can be found on